Bufet Pacheco, advocats (Pacheco Associates), with more than fiveteen years of experience in private and industrial legal matters, try to form strong ties with their clients.


Our offices are in Barcelona, Igualada, Sant Boi de Llobregat and Viladecans.


Specialities in:


Matters relating to mortgages and claims against banks


Penal law: Defense and Accusation


Separations and Divorces




Civil responsability: 

-Traffic accidents

- Insurance

- Medical


Bad debts


Company bankrupcy


Dwelling and construction law


Negotiation and purchase of real estate


Permanent disability




Being specilized in processing law and criminology, we also maintain close collaboration with experts in tax law and planning.


What differences us from other legal associations is our vocational spirit, always looking forward to hearing from you to solve any problems you may have as quickly, efficiently and economically as possible.


Our policy is cincerity and confidence. We give our clients in the very first meeting a thorought advice in their legal possibilities and strategy, priding ourselves for our ability to advice and guide those who need our help.


Once the process is going we insist on transparency so that the customer will at any given moment be able to see the progress in his case and have any document he would like to see at his disposal.


The object of this policy is to build up a list of very satisfied an loyal clients and their friends, that trust all legal matters in our hands.



Aurora, 60-62, ESC. B 1r-1a (Cal Font)

08700 Igualada (Bcn)

Tel 93 803 92 63 - 655 24 35 35

Horari: dilluns a dijous de 10 a 13h i de 17 a 20h

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Sant Boi

C/ Marià Fortuny, núm. 57-61, local 1 (Adaptalia)





C/ Jaume Abril, núm. 22 (pl. Molins) (Finques l’Argi)





c/ Thomas Edison, núm. 6

(Assessoria Roca S.L.)